Terms & Conditions: Total Solar Eclipse Viewing & Farm Dinner – April 8, 2024

What you’ll get: A 4-course “Farm Dinner” dining experience during the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024, where you’ll gather in our farm fields, enjoy appetizers, beverages, view the eclipse, take in the farm ambiance and then sit down for an unforgettable French based “Farm Dinner” 

Goaty Gifts – Handmade Goat Milk Soap Gift Ideas

Goaty Gifts – Handmade Goat Milk Soap Gift Ideas

All spring and summer the goat herd is busy raising babies, giving milk, doing yoga and munching out in the pasture but they really bring the awesomeness to your home in the winter! Nourishing and wonderfully hydrating goat milk soap gifts from The Ryder Family 

Book a farm animal for your next virtual meeting!

Book a farm animal for your next virtual meeting!

Does social distancing “goat” you down? Are you ready to bring some joy and excitement to your virtual meeting or event? We can help you give your attendees something to cluck about! Let a farm animal from the Ryder Family Farm help you out! During 

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You can reach us electronically via this form: Other ways we can be reached are… Our business mailing address: PO Box 327, Golconda, IL 62938 – Phone numbers are below: Our generic farm email is theryderfamilyfarm[at]gmail[dot]com our personal emails are show in the image above. 


Wish our Southern Illinois CSA pickup location was more convenient for you? Want to get a discount on your CSA share costs? You can become the Host of a Ryder Family Farm CSA pickup site! Site hosts make our share pickup more accessible for others 

My Poultry Flock

Since moving out to the country I’ve really had the opportunity to expand my poultry flock. It’s been a blast, we’ve hatched our own babies in the incubator, I’ve also made a few hatchery orders and some broody hens have hatched us babies. Below is 

Mum Fundraiser in Southern Illinois

For the last several years we have partnered with various Southern Illinois clubs/ schools with our popular mum fundraiser program. Your Southern Illinois club, school or group can raise an awesome profit of up to 50% selling fall mums that are locally grown by our