Handcrafted Raw Goat Milk Soap

Handcrafted Raw Goat Milk Soap
kids try goat milking
Learning to milk a goat.

The goat milk soap we make and sell is from unprocessed, raw goat milk that our family hand milks from our own small herd of Southern Illinois dairy goats. This is an important distinction.

Our soap is NOT made from powdered, canned or store bought goat milk, it is not from a soap craft kit and we do not outsource our goat milk production. This all safeguards the goat milk and allows us to provide a superior product that will nourish and feed your skin.

Goat Milk Soap is best because:

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  • It’s nourishing your body’s largest organ, your skin!
  • It’s got antibacterial properties- this helps with breakouts and with healing plus it is cleansing.
  • It is packed with vitamins for you skin to absorb- not harsh chemicals.
  • Reduces inflammation in the skin due to the goat milk’s fat molecule content. This also makes it super hydrating and luxurious feeling.
  • It’s loaded with alpha-hydroxy acids to delay aging.

You Can Feel The Difference Goat Milk Makes

Since switching to homemade goat milk soaps for our family, our rashes from food sensitivities, the dry skin issues and the breakouts- are all gone! Our lotion usage has decreased, our skin feels and looks better. We basically hate how drying and harsh regular soap feels now.

adalyn-milks-goat raw goat milk soap

“Why don’t you make some to try selling?” Nathan (my husband) asked when we needed to use up of another stockpile of frozen milk way back in 2014. I agreed to make a batch to test sell and we also gifted some soap to family and friends. Slowly we began to get some great feedback from folks.

One lady said her daughter’s sun spots are clearing up thanks to the goat milk soap. Another gal who has very sensitive skin and breaks out in reaction to most everything says her skin loves the soap too. I’ve seen how my husband’s dry skin has disappeared, he no longer needs lotion after each shower! My kids aren’t getting weird rashes anymore…

I’m not making soaps to fix ailments but I certainly believe that goat milk is very healing and nourishing, it’s why we drink it! The skin is your body’s largest organ, why not clean it with something nourishing, naturally moisturizing and free of harsh chemicals?

Over time I’ve tried various soap fragrances and colorants, they all sell quite fast but I’m always whipping up new batches. Our handmade raw goat milk soap contains no sulfates, no phthalates and of course are cruelty free (we love our goats). Our soaps are for sale on our southern Illinois farm, at some local retailers and also online!

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But Why is Raw Goat Milk important? 

Our farm’s goat milk is always raw, to preserve the nutritional value. We started with our Illinois dairy goats to provide drinkable raw goat milk for the family to consume. You see, only one person in our house can stomach pasteurized milk and in Illinois, buying raw milk can be pretty tricky where the law is concerned.

Pasteurization is a way to sanitize but it also destroys nutrition, probiotics and also changes the protein molecules in milk. We personally raise our goats and do hand milking so that we have a much more control over our sanitization practices and we have a solid view of animal/ herd health. This is why we keep our herd small and we don’t outsource milk production.

Our Farm’s Goat Milk Journey

When we moved to Illinois and our raw milk sources were gone we knew we’d have to be our own milk source. No better place than a farm for that right? So we got a full sized, registered French Alpine dairy goat and we ended up with a gallon of raw goat milk a day.

I pretty much had a whole fridge of just raw milk. We made cheese, ice cream, kefir, yogurt and still have leftover milk, lots. Eventually our surplus raw goat milk gets frozen to preserve it but even the freezer gets too full of milk! This is how raw goat milk soap began on our family farm.

One day I made up a completely from scratch, uncolored, essential oil scented soap from our fresh raw goat milk for our family’s use. It cured for ages (almost a year!) and we finally tried it out. We’ll be forever hooked.

On social media I shared some photos of the kiddos helping me make a new batch of soap. I was amazed by how many folks wanted to order the soap we were working on. That is basically how I arrived at offering soaps for sale here on the site that we ship to you. Click here to browse our online store.

Here is my most colorful soap yet, Sparkling Snowdrop: