Total Solar Eclipse Farm Dinner – April 8, 2024

Total Solar Eclipse Farm Dinner – April 8, 2024

Lots of places across the United States will have a view of the April 2024 Total Solar Eclipse but only a select few will experience eclipse totality AND serenity. Want to know more about the eclipse and “totality”? Click here. The total solar eclipse of 2024 will begin at 12:43 pm CDT on April 8, 2024 in our farm’s location with totality projected to happen at 2:00 pm and last for 2 minutes and 50.8 seconds, that is almost 3 minutes of totality to enjoy!

As you searched for eclipse 2024 Total Solar Eclipse viewing options you probably saw many towns, stadiums and large gathering opportunities. What if you could experience the total solar eclipse in a less chaotic way? With farm animals and rolling pasture, just off the Ohio River, with the Shawnee National Forest off in the distance. This is what The Ryder Family Farm can offer you in beautiful Southern Illinois.

Farm Dinner Eclipse Event Preview at The Ryder Family Farm

Enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 outside the big city in Southern Illinois!

Think amazing local sourced food, a peaceful atmosphere, farm animals, the beauty of The Shawnee National Forest and the total solar eclipse all at once.

This isn’t our first eclipse so we can confidently say that our farm in Southern Illinois is the best place for total solar eclipse viewing. Our farm’s location is at the “Eclipse Crossroads of America”! We get to enjoy the Total Solar Eclipse of 2024 and we were inside the line of totality for the August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse.

During the 2017 eclipse it was amazing to hear all the sounds of farm life slowly come to a halt as the sun set over the pastures for a few minutes. Our chickens got very quiet and went to roost, the goats and dogs were confused and got very still. Crickets began to chirp in unison. You could see the stars in the middle of the day! It’s a totally serene experience viewing the eclipse on the farm. This is something you simply can’t fully experience in a huge stadium or in a large city with hundreds of people crammed around you.

Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 in Southern Illinois

Less Chaos & More Peace on The Farm!

Back in 2017, local Southern Illinois viewing locations and roads were crowded and chaotic, especially locations in higher population areas. Our farm in the Shawnee National Forest is different! We have vast sky views and no city buildings obstructing your view. We are just off the Ohio River in Southern Illinois and easily accessible by State Highway 146.

The Ryder Family Farm has got you covered if you are looking for an intimate, peaceful total solar eclipse viewing party and meal that offers an all encompassing, exclusive experience to compliment your viewing of the total solar eclipse of 2024. Don’t wait to reserve your spot, we are only offering a limited number of tickets to this event.

Looking for lodging?

You can look to nearby larger cities for lodging options. Places like Carbondale, Illinois, Marion, Illinois, Paducah, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana are less than 2 hours away from our location. Additionally, our community (of Pope, Hardin or Johnson County) has a large offering of Airbnb facilities and local cabin/ hotel operations to choose from but they will fill up fast!

Have nearby lodging to offer for the 2024 Solar Eclipse? Email us at theryderfamilyfarm[at]gmail[dot]com