Southern Illinois Grown Garden Mums!

Southern Illinois Grown Garden Mums!

If you are looking for a Southern Illinois mum farm then you have come to the right place! We offer our locally grown mums in a wide range of colors to farm visitors and we supply nurseries and other local growers with Southern Illinois mum buying options.

Beginning in late September, our colorful, decorative garden mums are for sale to customers. We focus on growing unique colors that are hardy to the area. We sell direct to our customers on the farm and at festivals as well as to florists, garden stores and more.

We grow our own fall mums right here on our farm in Pope County Illinois. Our family’s mum journey started in the summer of 2017 just after moving to our new property in Golconda, IL. We moved in the middle of summer and wanted to focus on a fall crop to compliment our existing pumpkin offerings. If you are in the market for fall outdoor decor then we are your southern Illinois mum farm!

Our mums are a touch different than the mums you find in most stores. For starters, our Southern Illinois grown mums are not forced into an early, unnatural bloom – so they last. The mums that we grow are right behind our house in the same climate as our customers and they bloom naturally according to their variety’s particular bloom time. They are natural season mums that can be planted in the ground and cared for like other perennial plants for overwintering.

Another difference with our locally raised mums is that you’ll get healthier, less stressed plants. Often times growers have to use a growth regulator to appease stores delivery dates or to allow for long shipment and transport times. Our mums aren’t shipped or transported in from out of state so they haven’t been stressed or treated with growth regulators.

Starting in late September our colorful mums are for sale. We sell at a few Illinois festivals and farm markets and we welcome customers to visit our family farm during our fall business hours to pick out pumpkins and mums right on the farm.

If you are interested in purchasing locally raised mums be sure to like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter where you’ll be the first to hear about our upcoming open house dates and events. Outside of our farm hours and open house dates we welcome customers to the farm by appointment only. If you’d like to set up a time to visit just send us a message on Facebook or give us a call.