Book a farm animal for your next virtual meeting!

Book a farm animal for your next virtual meeting!

Does social distancing “goat” you down? Are you ready to bring some joy and excitement to your virtual meetings and give your meeting goers something to cluck about? Let a farm animal from the Ryder Family Farm help you out!

Goatee Meeting: A virtual farm animal experience.

Pick your favorite animal from our list of farm residents, tell us the date and time of your meeting, pay for your selection, and provide us the meeting link so we can join your meeting at your specified time.

You have your choice of newly hatched chicks, a chicken, turkey, duck, goat, baby goat, or a baby lamb joining your meeting. When we join your meeting we can be interactive and tell you about the farm and the animal or we can simply set up the camera and let the animal be the star of your meeting. Virtual tours or field trips of the farm are also options as well.

Farm animal virtual meeting appearance options include:

Goatee Meeting – 20 minutes:

A Ryder Family Farm animal of your choice will join your virtual meeting for 20 minutes. Longer sessions, up to an hour ($150) can be arranged if time accommodates. We can interact with your meeting guests and talk about the animal and our small family farm or you can just be one-on-one with our farm resident, it’s up to you. This is a great option to liven up corporate meetings, virtual family gatherings, or online parties.

$65 for 20 minutes or $150 for an hour – Book by clicking here.

Hoofin’ About the Farm Virtual Tour – 20 minutes:

We will take you on a virtual walking tour of our small family farm operation. Tour stops may include the pasture or barn to find some of our resident animals hard at work or hardly working. We can also visit the areas where we grow and produce vegetables for sale in our CSA program. Q & A is allowed but taste tests of the farm fresh produce may be difficult. Learn why small scale farms, like our own, are so essential to your local food economy especially in times like these.

$90 for 20 minutes – Book by clicking here.

Proceeds from our farm animal virtual meeting appearances will help replace the revenue we normally generate through on-farm events, field trips, and tours during this time of social distancing during COVID-19. 

Please note that we will do our best to provide your requested animal at the time of your meeting but we may have to substitute another animal without notice if somebody is feeling a bit moo-dy. Yup, that’s another farm pun there. Shall we moo-ve on?

Note: If at any time we feel uncomfortable in your meeting environment or an animal becomes uncooperative, we reserve the right to leave your meeting.