Mum Fundraiser in Southern Illinois

For the last several years we have partnered with various Southern Illinois clubs/ schools with our popular mum fundraiser program. Your Southern Illinois club, school or group can raise an awesome profit of up to 50% selling fall mums that are locally grown by our family farm.

Plan your Southern Illinois Mum Fundraiser

A Southern Illinois porch adorned  with Ryder Family farm grown mums and pumpkins.

Everyone loves to adorn their porch, mailbox and yard with mums and pumpkins as fall weather nears. Customers usually rush out on the first cool crisp fall day to buy up all the decor they can find. This always includes mums!

Your mum fundraiser will get a jump on this trend while securing your group the sale. This is because your customers will reserve beautiful, Southern Illinois grown garden mums from you before they even appear in the stores!

When will my fundraiser happen?

Fundraising clubs/ schools will begin the order taking process right as school starts in the fall. Fundraiser final numbers are submitted to The Ryder Family Farm during the last week of August or first week of September.

Our Southern Illinois grown mums are natural season mums so in most cases they will begin to bud prepare for bloom bloom in September. The September bloom time is because of the weather and the natural shortening of days.

To offer customers and fundraiser programs with the best, most long lasting garden mums, our fundraiser mums are distributed during the first or second week of September. This is ideally before the mum’s “peak bloom time” so customers can enjoy the most beauty from their plants.

In October, after fundraisers end, we will sell these colorful, decorative garden mums to the public on our farm, often with quantity discounts and bulk pricing available upon request.

When do I need to order my fundraiser mums from you?

We welcome fundraiser/ wholesale order inquiries from January through May 1st. Orders made within this timeframe will have ample color choice options and a wonderful profit return for your fundraising needs. Other benefits to early ordering are:

  • The best profit margin for your fundraiser. Afterall, earning the most money for your group is the goal right?
  • Custom color options. Request your school colors or any colors that you know your fundraiser customers will love.
  • One on one guidance to customize the fundraising program to fit your needs.

Orders made after May 1st will have limited quantity/ color availability options. In many cases we will not have fundraiser availability after May 1st as everyone has already reserved their plants.

How do I order my mums?

Ordering your fundraiser mums is easy, all it takes is for you to tell us what colors you want to sell and how many of each color you estimate needing. We will also ask you to schedule your pickup/ delivery date then we will put together a estimate for you to approve. In some cases we will need a deposit to finalize the fundraiser order.

How the fundraiser flows:

  1. January- May: Submit your order estimate & pick your pickup/ delivery date
  2. Once estimate is approved we begin to grow your mums.
  3. August: Begin order taking with your group and collect money.
  4. Late August/ early September: Submit your finalized order numbers to us.
  5. You will be billed for your finalized order total plus any delivery fees. Your deposit (if one was required) will be applied to your bill.
  6. Order pickup/ delivery.

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