Goaty Gifts – Handmade Goat Milk Soap Gift Ideas

Goaty Gifts – Handmade Goat Milk Soap Gift Ideas

All spring and summer the goat herd is busy raising babies, giving milk, doing yoga and munching out in the pasture but they really bring the awesomeness to your home in the winter! Nourishing and wonderfully hydrating goat milk soap gifts from The Ryder Family Farm fly off the shelves during the holiday season because they make a perfectly unique gift for almost any gift recipient!

Our Southern Illinois farm ships goaty goat milk soap gifts and related accessories across the United States all year long. We also have both egift cards and plastic gift cards available for all your gifting needs.

Yeah, but why goat milk soap?

Goat Milk Soap is Hydrating!

The minerals and vitamins found in goat milk are a healthful treat to the skin, especially during winter.

In cold weather your skin is naturally more dry but the soap you wash with might be making things worse. Most commercially produced soaps are chemically dehydrating to your skin but our goat milk soap is not.

Actually, goat milk soap is known for it’s remarkable rehydrating qualities. It can heal the skin too!

The #1 variety for rehydrating skin is our Lemon Honey goat milk soap. Honey combined with our recipe’s nourishing oils and raw goat milk is the ultimate in skin hydration.

Giving a goat milk soap gift is 100% #ShopSmall

The Ryder Family Farm is 100% farmer run which means you can feel good about supporting small businesses this holiday season. From the rearing of the goats all the way through milking, then the mad scientist work of from scratch soap creation, we do it all right here with our own hands.

We hand cut the soaps, shrink wrap them, we designed the labels, print them with our printer and glue them on the soaps. We’re kind of old school like that.

#ShopSmall is an online movement to support struggling small businesses, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goat Milk Soap Gifts are for Everyone!

We have a goat milk soap for almost anything. Men, women, teens, babies, even those with skin allergies can all benefit from the cleansing and nourishing qualities of our goat milk soap gifts.

Our standard goat milk soap bars are all made with the same, preservative free recipe and only with our own raw goat milk. Each bar varies by scent and color and from time to time will have natural additives to compliment the recipe and add to the user’s experience.

Goat Milk Shave Soap Gifts

We offer a shave soap called Billy Goat Scruff that comes either in soap patty form or you can get it as mug of shave soap for your goat milk soap gifting needs.

This soap has a different formulation than our regular goat milk soap recipe but it is also made from our hand milked goat milk. This pairs well with a handmade shave brush or a soap dish.

Wash Away That Smell!

Our Everything But The Kitchen Stink bar of soap is created to cleanse the skin and remove unwanted scents. It has coffee grounds and anise essential oils added to it to give it the ultimate scent removing power. I use it for getting stinky barn spells off my hands during rut but it is also good for hunters, for removing garlic and onion smells, fish smells, etc.

A Goat Milk Soap Gift For The Face

If you are looking for a face care bar of soap consider the Tea Tree Oil Goat Milk soap with activated charcoal. Both tea tree oil and activated charcoal are wonderful at cleansing the sometimes oily pores on the face. Plus activated charcoal aids in absorbing the yuck and drawing out impurities. A Tea Tree Oil Goat Milk soap gift would be great for teens or those suffering with blemished skin.

We have a bar with no scents or colors added.

Anyone suffering from skin allergies or ailments should try a bar of unscented goat milk soap first to see how it can help. Our unscented bars have nothing but goat milk and our array of nourishing oils that are saponified into a bar of soap. No colorants, preservatives or fragrances are added. Just plain soap in this one, it is a beautiful thing!

We ship soap orders or you can order for curbside pickup. Our inventory is always changing and we are always playing with new scents. Visit our online store for an up to date run down of all the soaps currently in stock for your goat milk soap gift giving needs.

To learn more about our farm’s journey with goat milk and to see pics of how the soap is made click here.