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About The Ryder Family Farm

About The Ryder Family Farm

We are The Ryder Family Farm, a first generation farming family in Southern Illinois. We’re transplants from the vast deserts of Arizona who left corporate jobs to pursue farming and self sufficiency. Nathan is a former TV Anchor & Reporter who later went on to work digital media & public relations for a major area theme park. Talina is a vocal and dance performer with an extensive work history in hospitality finance, food service management and special events catering. After becoming parents we found ourselves growing much of our own food and yearning to expand.

In the summer of 2014 opportunity came knocking. Nathan quit his corporate job and we left the big city life to live on a large working family farm in Southern Illinois. The opportunity wasn’t exactly all that it was promised to be but for several years we learned as much as possible working as farm hands while also pursuing our own farm endeavors on the side.

In 2017 we set off to build our own farm just a few miles outside Golconda, Illinois, in the heart of the Shawnee National Forest. We’re in the very beginning stages of physically building the farm up with borrowed tractors as we slowly and sustainably grow our operation.

We have lots of future projects that we are trying to gradually fund with the following modest farm offerings:

Hardy Fall Mums-

We grow natural season, hardy fall mums on our farm that are for sale starting in September. Our mum colors and varieties aren’t like the mums you see at Walmart, we focus on the unique colors and varieties but we also have traditional colors available. We sell mums to customers at our fall open house events as well as florists, garden centers, hardware stores and more.  Contact us for more info about our mums.

Handmade Goat Milk Soap-

We hand milk our goats and create soap in the spring. We make lots of scent variations and build up our stock when the milk is plentiful. Our goat milk soap is available to order online in addition to at our market table locations throughout the year. 

Farm Fresh Eggs-

We have USDA inspected, farm fresh, pasture raised eggs for sale.  We offer chicken, duck and sometimes turkey eggs for sale.

Summer Produce Shares-

In the Summer of 2015 we launched our family’s first Summer Produce Shares via our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. Our CSA program secures you a weekly basket of seasonal produce (for 12 or 16 weeks), that we’ve grown specifically for you. Each year we’ve been able to expand our availability to serve more customers. For now, our CSA services Southern Illinois, Paducah, KY and surrounding areas. Read more about our CSA offerings here.

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Southern Illinois Grown Garden Mums!

Southern Illinois Grown Garden Mums!

We raise our own fall mums right here on our farm in Pope County Illinois. Starting in September our colorful, decorative garden mums are for sale, with quantity discounts and bulk pricing available upon request. We sell direct to our customers as well as to florists, garden stores and more.

Our family’s mum journey started in the summer of 2017 just after moving to our new property in Golconda, IL. We wanted to focus on a fall crop to compliment our pumpkins. 2018 will be our second year of growing mums and we’re adding new unique color varieties like a lime green mum and a purple mum!

Our mums are a touch different than the mums you find in most stores. For starters, our Southern Illinois grown mums are not forced into an early, unnatural bloom. Forcing a mum is done by exposure to shorter daylight periods and longer dark or night periods usually in darkened greenhouses or with black plastic. The mums that we grow are right behind our house in the same climate as our customers and they bloom naturally according to their variety’s particular bloom time. They are natural season mums that can be planted in the ground and cared for like other perennial plants for overwintering.

Another difference with our locally raised mums is that you’ll get healthier, less stressed plants. Often times growers have to use a growth regulator to appease stores or to allow for long shipment and transport times. Our mums aren’t shipped or transported in from out of state so they haven’t been stressed or treated with growth regulators.

Starting in September our colorful mums are for sale. We sell at a few Illinois festivals and farm markets and we welcome customers to visit our family farm during our fall business hours to pick out pumpkins and mums right on the farm.

If you are interested in purchasing locally raised mums be sure to like us on Facebook or subscribe to our newsletter where you’ll be the first to hear about our upcoming open house dates and events. Outside of our farm hours and open house dates we welcome customers to the farm by appointment only. If you’d like to set up a time to visit just send us a message on Facebook or give us a call.