You’ve goat to be kidding me: Goat Yoga comes to Southern Illinois!

The Ryder Family Farm welcomes yogis and animal lovers to their pastures this October for a Goat Yoga experience. Goat Yoga brings yogis and animal lovers in contact with goats for uplifting the spirit and relaxing the mind and body.

Think this is a case of yoga gone too far? The masses disagree! The goat yoga trend was born in Oregon in 2016 and has since received national news coverage. Goats are by nature curious, affectionate, playful and athletic. They love to jump, climb and investigate what is new. Goat yoga is simply a yoga class with young goats springing on and around the participants.

This fusion of animal bonding and yoga is made possible by a collaboration between certified yoga instructor Ashlee Sheets and The Ryder Family Farm‘s goats.

You don’t need to have any previous yoga experience to enjoy this class, yet even the most experienced yogis will find a fun challenge if they desire. Think goat balances!

Talina Ryder of The Ryder Family Farm hatched the idea of bringing Goat Yoga to the area. “I’m a goat farmer and a yogi so naturally I’ve noticed the Goat Yoga trend spread. I really get a kick out of doing yoga with goats so I knew we could make this happen.”  Talina shares.

With the help of yoga instructor and wellness trainer Ashlee Sheets, the classes are now scheduled and ticket sales have are underway. Ashlee will travel to The Ryder Family Farm to lead participants in a one of a kind Goat Yoga Experience.

Classes are scheduled for October 27, 2018 and tickets are on sale now. Spectators are also welcome to stop by just to watch the classes.


What: Goat Yoga Experience

When: Saturday October 27th, 2018 -Goat Yoga sessions at 2 & 4pm

Where: The Ryder Family Farm, 146 State Highway 146 East, Golconda, Illinois

Cost: $15 per person (can be purchased online at: